Thursday, January 24, 2013

Merle Haggard - My Favorite Memory

The first time we met is a favorite mem'ry of mine. 
They say time changes all it pertains to 
But your memory is stronger than time. 
I guess everything does change except what you choose to recall. 

There's a million good daydreams to dream on 
But, baby, you are My Favorite Mem'ry of all. 

 Like the night we made love in the hallway, 
Slept all night long on the floor. 
Like the winter we spent at Lake Shasta alone, and closer than ever before. 

 And I remember that London vacation. 
It was you who made the whole thing a ball. 
There's a million good-times I could dwell on, 
 But, baby, you are My Favorite Mem'ry of all. 


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